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Disability Income Insurance

• Non-Cancelable
• Guaranteed Renewable
• Level Premiums
•"Your Occupation*" Definition to Age 65 Available
• Residual Disability Benefit Available

Disability Income Insurance (Omni Select)

Proper protection of your practice income and the security of your family are imperative responsibilities. The selection of appropriate disability income insurance is important. In many instances, Professionals simply do not have the time and/or the knowledge to evaluate the many available insurance products. Treloar and Heisel, Inc., as administrators to more than 13,000 Professionals, has assumed an important role in the review and recommendation of insurance products best suited to your professional needs. These products are available to you at savings over comparable, individually purchased insurance.

Treloar and Heisel, Inc. recommends a disability income insurance policy for the Specialist. The policy provides benefits for total disability, with benefits for partial disability available. Additional riders permit the Specialist to tailor the policy to his/her personal needs and are available for an additional cost.

Treloar and Heisel offers the policy underwritten and issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. A discount for the Specialist is available. We encourage your thoughtful consideration of this important insurance policy.

Key Features and Optional Benefits

Non-cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable to Age 65
As long as your premiums are paid on time, MetLife cannot change your coverage or your premium rates until the first premium due date on or after your 65th birthday, or the fifth policy anniversary if you purchase the policy after age 60. Your policy (without optional benefits) is conditionally renewable for life, with a limited benefit period, allowing you to continue this coverage if you continue to work at least 30 hours per week.

Period for Which Benefits are Payable
You may choose a 2 year, 5 year, to Age 65 or to Age 70 benefit period.

Definition of Disability (with Your Occupation)
You will receive a monthly disability benefit if due to impairment caused by injury or sickness you are prevented from performing the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation, so long as you are under the appropriate care of a physician. If the Transitional Your Occupation Benefit rider is included in the policy, following the elimination period and up to the first policy anniversary on or after your 65th birthday, you will receive a monthly disability benefit if you are totally disabled in your regular occupation, meaning that you are prevented from performing the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation, but gainfully employed in another occupation, so long as you are under the appropriate care of a physician. This benefit paid while transitionally disabled may be less than the maximum monthly benefit based on earnings and other coverage in force.

Waiver of Premium
After the Insured has been disabled for a period of 90 consecutive days, or has satisfied the elimination period, whichever is earlier, any premiums that become due while the Insured remains disabled will be waived. In addition, any premium paid that became due during the first 90 consecutive days of disability, or the period during which the elimination period was satisfied, will be refund.

Standard Features:

Recurrent Disability

Optional Rehabilitation

3-Month Extension of Benefits Upon Death

Other Optional Benefits[1]:

Residual Disability Rider
You can receive a partial disability benefit if your disability causes you to lose 20% or more of your earnings due to a loss of time or duties. You can select the Residual Recovery Benefit which will allow you to continue receiving benefits for up to 24 or 36 months (depending on the version purchased), if you continue to experience an earnings loss of at least 20%, after returning to full-time work.

Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO)
This rider allows the Insured to purchase additional coverage, up to a maximum total increase, on each policy anniversary up to age 51. The Insured may apply for an amount equal to one unit of increase, or for a part of that amount. If all or part of an increase is not used as of any option date, the Insured may carry it over to the next option date. Benefit increases under this rider do not require medical underwriting.

Cost of Living Adjustment Rider (COLA)
To help your benefits keep pace with inflation, this option automatically increases your benefits annually (while you remain disabled) after you have been disabled for 12 months. After you return to work, and as long as you are under age 60, you can "buy-up" to a higher monthly benefit by purchasing the extra benefit that accrued during your disability.

You may choose between two Riders:

· COLA 3%: Increases are equal to a simple rate of 3% of the original monthly benefit.

· COLA 1 - 7%: Increases equal a compounded rate of 1% to 7%, based on the Consumer Price Index.

[1]These Riders are available at an additional cost.

Other Optional Benefits[2]:

Long Term Care Guaranteed Purchase Option

Catastrophic Disability

[2] These Riders are available at an additional cost.

Exclusions and Limitations

Benefits will not be paid for disability:

1. Due to an act of war, whether declared or undeclared;

2. Due to pregnancy or childbirth—but complications of pregnancy are covered;

3. Due to mental disorder and/or substance abuse disorder beyond a 24 month lifetime limitation, except if the Insured is confined in a hospital;

4. Due to any loss excluded by name or specific description;

5. Due to the Insured's committing, or attempting to commit, a felony;

6. Existing while the Insured is legally incarcerated or detained; or

7. Caused by an intentionally self-inflicted injury.

Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions

Benefits will not be paid for a disability that starts during the first 2 years after the effective date of the policy (subject to state variation) if it was due to a Pre-Existing Condition. This exclusion does not apply to any condition that was disclosed, and that was not misrepresented, in the application for coverage and was not excluded by name or specific description.

Mental Disorder Limitation

The maximum benefit period is limited to 24 months for all periods of disability during the Insured's lifetime if:

1. Such disability is due to a mental disorder and/or substance use disorder;

2. The Insured otherwise qualifies for disability benefits; and

3. The Insured is not confined in a hospital.

However, any time during which the Insured is confined in a hospital does not count toward this 24-month limit.

Issue and Participation Limits

Maximum Issue Limit $16,000[3]

Maximum Participation Limit $20,000 [4]

Non-Taxable Benefit Table

<<< benefit table image goes here >>>

[3] Not all occupations, such as general dentists, are eligible for 16K issue.

[4] Maximum monthly indemnity MetLife will participate to with group LTD.

[5] With no group LTD.

[6] Any group LTD (in force and/or available) must be deducted from limits shown.

Like most disability income insurance policies, MetLife's policies contain certain exclusions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Ask your representative about costs and details.

FOR POLICIES ISSUED IN NEW YORK: These policies provide disability income insurance only. They do NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Insurance Department. The expected benefit ratio for these policies is at least 50%. This ratio is the portion of future premiums which MetLife expects to return as benefits, when averaged over all people with the applicable policy.

Omni Select is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 200 Park ave., New York, NY 10166, Policy Form # IDI2000-P/NC-ML.

L11085315(exp1109)(All States)(DC)

*Not available in all states at this time.